Spindle spinning is fun! It's relatively inexpensive compared to purchasing a wheel or an e spinner, and despite spindle spinning being a thousands of years old craft, we still use it to this day. This starter kit includes a spindle from The Knit Store valued at $7.99, a half ounce custom rolag from Barrie Apothecary valued at $5 (100% superwash Merino Wool), and 2 free sample fibers (both 100% superwash merino wool). 


Gift this starter kit to someone you love or to yourself! See if you'll fall in love with spinning and spread awesomeness. This is a special item. Meaning once it's sold, it's gone (I won't make another kit like this unless I get a significant nudge from a significant number of people).

Special Item - Spindle Spinning Starter Kit

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