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Participating LYS Colors!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Since Covid 19 came about, folks have a hard time going to their favorite yarn shop and look around for any new colors or yarns that have arrived.

Some shops did not start out with an e-commerce platform and are in the process of syncing their inventory to their website for online access. So to help your yarn shopping/browsing experience for the Malabrigo yarns, I am attaching a list of available colors that Blue Heron Knittery and Rows and Roses have in stock where you can choose beautiful fibers at the safety of your home.

Click or download the PDF links below to mix and match either a solid color (light and dark), or solid:variegated pair, or malabrigo:similar yarn pair. The possibilities are endless! Have fun shopping and thank you for continuously supporting small businesses.


Blue Heron Knittery

Disclaimer: The photos for this list are not mine. I am not selling any of these yarns directly, neither am I paid to advertise their yarns. I'm only compiling photos based off their website to make it easier for you to choose from their available stock.

Participating LYS Yarn Color List
Download PDF • 1.73MB


Rows and Roses

Check out Sati Glenn's (the owner) photos on her blog for a more accurate hue of the yarns she has in stock from her blog: Colossal Collaboration!

Participating LYS Yarn Color List-Rows a
Download • 439KB

Would you like to help make events like these possible in the future? Please support this website and future LYS by becoming a Patron! Become a Website Contributor for as little as $5 per month. Get early access to receive paid patterns (which will become free to you) at $10 per month and become a Local Hero. Become one of 10 people who become major donors or VIPs at $30 per month, check out my Patreon to see your potential rewards and how you are helping communities with your monthly pledge! (Disclaimer: Contributions are not considered tax deductible as you are receiving something in exchange)

For this promo period, Unwound: Artisan Yarn Shop is the recipient of donations. They have begun selling their items at a discounted price. But if you'd like to help them out as they close, please contact me at I will set up a GoFundMe specifically for their shop, which they will receive your donations at the end of the promo period (March 30, 2021).


Coming Events: Another shop that needs our help is Sheep and Shawl (a yarn company from South Deerfield, MA). The owner is currently looking for someone who might want to become the next owner of the shop. For more details, please visit her Facebook . Disclaimer: I am not paid to post this. Just helping another LYS in need.

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