One Skein Challenge!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Published May 14, 2021

Because International Heritage Breeds Week is coming, I decided to make a fun make along challenge. This challenge is open to all fiber artists - Knitters, Crocheters, and hand loom weavers (I'm talking small scale here since my skeins are not very large/long). As some of you have noticed, I make very small skeins - 2oz and can range from 120 - 250-ish yards depending on the yarn weight. I offer yarn weights from superfine to worsted. Since I currently spin with an Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.1, I'm limited simply because of the size of my e-spinner (I'm hoping to upgrade soon...).

Cafe Shetland: currently available colors

In any case, I'm quite curious as to what can be done with my yarns. Handspun yarns are not common in the market at large because of the variances and the pricing. You typically find them in farmers markets, local yarn shops that offer them, Etsy, or some indie businesses. I think the only handspun provider on a large scale would be Noro. So to make things interesting, I've decided to see what you can do with a skein of yarn that doesn't have much yardage. Participating yarns are Handspun Legacy Jacob: Natural/Dyed, and Cafe Shetland. While I possess other heritage breed fibers in my stash, I am not a very fast spinner.

The other purpose of this contest is to educate you of some American Heritage breeds, support local and small farmers, and introduce you a bit to The Livestock Conservancy. In an effort to generate awareness, strengthen genetic biodiversity, and encourage farmers to raise heritage breeds to prevent specie extinction.


Contest Rules:

Who can join?:

- If you live/reside in the US or Canada: You can join!

- If you got yourself either a Facebook/Instagram/email account: You can join!

- While fiber artists come in different ages, genders, etc, if you are too young to have a social media or email account but you're a fiber artist, you can always ask your grown up to vouch for you and enter for you. All prizes are pretty PG, so you should be fine. Please ask your grown up to include your first and last name so you can enter the raffle draw.

- What if you're outside the US or Canada? Selling physical and shipping physical products to the EU is complicated. I don't even have a VAT number. Sigh... unless someone can help me understand how to lawfully sell, I'm at a loss really. I'm sorry! I think in theory, I can sell to Australia/Asia? But since it takes a lot of time for my stuff to get there, plus shipping costs, I don't think it's worth it at this time.

What you can use?:

- YARN: all Handspun Jacob and Shetland (dyed or natural) yarn from my shop.

- you can knit/crochet/use a small loom/ and you may also submit a needle felted entry

- you can add stuffing, buttons, beads, or accessories if your project indicates the need - ex. When making a stuffed animal, you can add stuffing and buttons for eyes/nose. Or padding for slippers.

What counts as an entry?

- You can purchase one to a maximum of 2 skeins (since I don't produce many skeins a week, I'd like others to have a chance at it)

- The main challenge is to see how many finished projects you can create with 1 skein.

- 1 finished project = a finished pair of anything (mittens/socks/booties/slippers) or a singular object (shawl/beanie/cowl/baby clothing/Christmas stocking/amigurumi toy/etc). The total size of the project can be for babies or adults, it doesn't matter. It just needs to be finished (meaning you don't need an additional skein to finish the project).

- Points system: 1 finished project = 1 point. 1 skein=1 point. So if you purchased 2 skeins and only managed to finish 1 project, that's 2+1= 3 points. If you purchased 1 skein and finished 3 projects, that's 1+3= 4 points. Or if you managed to purchase 1 skein and things happen and you don't end up creating anything by the end of the deadline, you'll get 1 point (so nothing is completely lost).

- You can't make the same finished project and count that as a separate entry. Ex. You purchased 1 skein and made the same exact felted mouse 5 times. This will only count as 1 entry point. However, if from 1 skein you made 1 pair of booties, 1 pair of mittens, 1 baby bonnet, that counts as 4 points.

- You can make the same project but the second entry must be a different technique: ex. 1 skein= 1 knitted pair of slippers (cabled then stitched together) + 1 knitted pair of slippers (simple stockinette design with zipper), 1 skein= 1 knitted headband + 1 crocheted headband, 1 skein= 1 crocheted amigurumi bear + 1 crocheted amigurumi bird. (I hope this makes sense)

- You can make granny squares. You can make different granny squares with different designs but to make it a finished project, it must have the same size. Ex. 1 skein = 4 different 4"x4" granny square patterns = 1 + 4 = 5 pts. If you combine all this to make a small blanket/table cloth, it becomes 6 points. If they're all the same exact granny square pattern, it counts as 1 entry point.

- You can submit an original piece or a pattern you got online (purchased or free). Please give credit to the designer and indicate where you got the pattern from (ex. Pinterest, Blogpost, Ravelry, etc).

- You can make a fair isle/color work project but the total weight of the project must not exceed 2 oz/60-62.9g (because 1 skein = 2 oz). Ex. You combine 2 colors to create a color work cowl and the total weight = 2oz or you use half of each skein exactly, the points you get are 1 pt (skein) + 1 pt (cowl) = 2pts. If you use 2 full skeins to create 1 project, you will get a penalty meaning you'll only get points for the skeins you bought but not for the project you made.

She raises Jacob-American and Navajo-Churro sheep which are breeds that are listed in SE2SE
Karen Lobb, Owner of Bide A Wee Farm

Promo duration:

- You must purchase yarn from May 16-24, 2021 (until 11:59pm PST-Pacific Standard Time)

- You must submit your entries by May 31, 2021 (until 11:59 PST). Make sure all entries are submitted at the same time on one platform (either Facebook/Instagram/Email).

- Winners will be announced and contacted on June 5, 2021 (evening time).