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Fall Updates and Announcements

Published November 21, 2021

Hello friends! Oh, my, goodness. It's been waaaaay too long. After starting my full-time job, it has been very difficult and challenging to find the time to keep the website in tip-top shape. The beauty of being away for a while is that there are plenty more stories to catch up on. Let's do a brief recap.

New acquisitions

I've had some new acquisitions in the past few months. The noteworthy ones being my new Electric Eel Wheel 6.0 and it's working beautifully. I can say that it spins much better than my Nano but then again, I'm surprised that my Nano survived 7 months of non stop spinning. There's considerably less knots and more even spinning.

My yardage counter conked out again... and while it looks beautifully made, some things just cannot be fixed or explained. So I purchased a new digital yardage counter from the Woolery. It's somewhat better than its predecessor. Resetting has proven difficult, but it is doing its job. It measures in feet and meters I think so I'll be doing some extra calculating to make sure it's written in yards.

I've also purchased a second hand Ashford 10" SampleIt Loom from a lovely lady in Roseburg, OR. My looms are too big for the house that we're currently renting. The lovely table I've been using for warping was something we couldn't bring with us to Oregon. And purchasing finer dents for bigger looms was more expensive than the second hand loom that I bought. I've tested it out using fingering weight wool and am testing out the cotton-linen yarn I bought last year. So far, so good.

As a bit of self care, I've been working on some old projects that I haven't touched in a while and finished a few garments for Gale. I'm very happy that Gale is more willing to wear the stuff I've knitted and crocheted for him this winter. He's growing up so fast that I need to knit one size bigger all the time.


Summer Monthly Giveaways Winners and Summer Photo Contest

I'm glad to have had winners from Finland, Canada, and the United States (New Jersey). It's been real heart warming to see yarn safely arrive to their destinations. It's unfortunate that no one entered in the Summer Photo Contest, but there's always a next time.



I have been making progress with social media. Himaymay Creations has now integrated with Facebook! I've had the page for a while, but what I mean is that my Facebook shop is live now! I'm still figuring out how to operate it and figuring out how to tell them that yarn can come from an animal but it's not an actual animal (sigh, another inexplicable fact). I've been mostly posting my activities via Facebook and Instagram, but I want to reward my subscribers with something that's for your eyes only.


From November 24-28, 2021, all items are 20% off. Just use the code FALL20 at checkout. I've updated my inventory so please plan ahead if you'd like to purchase anything, from patterns, to yarn, and other knick knacks you're interested in.

Do I smell a new pattern?!

I'm working on a new pattern and kits (limited)! My hand spun yarn is steadily increasing and I've been itching to make something with them. Since my shop's one year anniversary is coming up, I've decided to create a new pattern which I'm hoping to publish by mid-December.

As I've mentioned, kits will be limited because I don't spin very fast. But they will be available to long time subscribers by mid-December 2021, then released to the public on the week of Himaymay Creations’ 1st anniversary. Not only do you get first dibs, you get a 20% discount code effective from subscriber release date to January 31, 2022. Ain't that awesome?

Hope for the Holidays

Looking to give to families in need? Every year, Family Building Blocks has a big event where you can “adopt” a family. You’re basically Santa for a family by donating gift cards to parents for meals or their basic needs and/or granting wishes for 0-5 year olds in the form of educational books, coats, non-violent and non-battery operated toys, or musical instruments. This supports low-income families in the Marion and Polk counties in Oregon.

If you have any hand knit sweaters/coats/winter clothes for kids or their parents that you are willing to drop off (Salem/Stayton/Dallas/Woodburn, OR), please consider donating them to Family Building Blocks. For more information, check out this link:

I hope you all stay warm and safe. And remember -- "Take time to make your soul happy" (Anonymous)

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