2021 Wool-Some Summer FUN!

Published June 1, 2021

When I learned last week that I got a full-time job offer, I could not refuse -- it's a bittersweet moment. I am very much happy about the fact that I will be working at a non-profit that helps low income families, and yet I am also faced with the fact that my dream job cannot sustain my family as of yet, and my stay at home mom days are pretty much numbered. There will be a lot of planning and evaluation on my part to see what things I can still do to keep Himaymay Creations alive and to balance my up coming, new work life.

So many things will be happening this summer that I figured, I'll just be doing a give away at the end of the month from June 1 - August 31, 2021. I understand that for the month of June alone, there's Pride week, Tour de Fleece, Father's day, and a whole bunch of other events that I may not have even heard of. Since I know that I won't be able to dedicate as much time as I used to for the shop, I have made the decision to keep the shop open and to create a monthly give away and contest for the entire summer. For this reason, I won't be doing sales. I just finished updating the shipping rules on my shop so I can ship internationally now! Yay!

Since no one participated for my One Skein Challenge, I decided to change up stuff and make this accessible to more people. I also want to be able to support small farms instead of Local Yarn Shops for this event.


Summer Monthly Giveaways

To enter, all you have to do is connect with me and share with a fiber friend/s: either subscribe to my email newsletter, follow and like me on Instagram or Facebook Page, or subscribe on my YouTube Channel (if you haven't already). The easiest way for me to track if you have shared it with a friend is if you tag a friend on the comment section of any monthly giveaway post I make on social media. Every new fiber friend you tag is considered 1 point.

While there is no need to purchase anything from my website, if you do purchase anything from June 1-August 31, 2021, it adds another entry point (1 pt per item you purchase instead of per order). The giveaways are great for spinners and dyers whether you're beginning to learn or have a ton of experience with it already.

You can come from practically anywhere in the world where I can ship through USPS. At the beginning of the next month, I'll be posting a video on YouTube and my son will draw a winner from the list (because it's nice to have a little person participate)- example: On July 1, I will post the winner of the June drawing. On the first week of each month, I will be posting the prize of the month. I'll announce the winner through email campaign and social media. Once you win on one drawing, you can't be entered for the next monthly giveaways. In case you win, I'll contact you to make arrangements so I can ship your prize without delay or difficulty - shipping is on me.


Summer Photo Contest

To enter: purchase yarn from my handspun collections and make something summer inspired out of it. Open to knitters, crocheters, small loom weavers, macrame makers in and out of the US (It's the first time I'm doing a contest that's open worldwide!). The paradoxical thing about this challenge is that most of my yarn is made of heritage sheep breeds and rescue sheep. While these fibers are not something you'd typically wear for summer, it doesn't mean that you can't use them in summer - we do have some cool summer nights.

What do I mean by summer inspired?

It could be something you can wear in summer - a shawl, a tee, summer poncho, skirt, a tank top, shorts, a headband, summer hat, a bolero, a bikini? (if you dare).

Or something you can use in summer - a bag, a purse, a macrame swing for your cat?

Or something that reminds you of the tropics/the beach/an event that happens in summer - a seashell wall hanging, a really awesome rug that has a summer festive feel to it, flowers/floral patterns, picnic blanket, you name it. It's really all up to your imagination and boils down to how much yarn I have available.

What's the catch?

Since I have limited supplies and I can't spin as much as I normally would, you can only submit one entry. You basically have from June 14 - August 31, 2021 (11:59pm Pacific Standard Time) to purchase yarn from my shop, make something, and submit your photo entry. Make sure that you consider the shipping time wherever you are from the globe - customs might impact that time. Take a photo of your finished work at it's summery best. I'll be compiling these photos and on September 1-11, I'll have folks vote on the winning photo on social media. The photo with the most likes gets a $100 gift certificate that they can use on Bide A Wee Farm products.

Cans and Can'ts

You can dye any of my cream/whitish undyed yarn to a color that fits your summer themed finished product. As you know, wool can naturally come in different colors. I'd still like to see some of their naturalness. If you do end up dyeing my whitish colored wool, I'd like to know what you used to dye them (if you used natural/acid dyes/food coloring/kool aid?).

You can use your own pattern or someone else's design - just make sure that you credit the designer.